Service area

Western KS.:

Anderson county KS. including- Garnett, KS.,

Bourbon county KS. including- Fort Scott, KS.

Franklin county KS. including- Ottawa KS., Wellsville, KS.

Linn County KS. including- Lynn Valley, KS., La Cygne, KS.,

     Mound City, KS., Parker, KS., Pleasanton, KS.,

Miami county KS. including- Fontana, KS., Louisburg, KS.,

       Osawatomie, KS., Paola, KS. 

Johnson county KS., including- Overland Park, KS., Olathe, KS.,

       Lea Wood, KS., Shawnee, KS.

Eastern MO.:
Bates county MO. including - Adrian, MO., Archie, MO.,

     Butler, MO., Drexel, MO., and all surrounding towns

Cass county MO. including- Harrisonville, MO.,

    GardenCity,    MO., Freeman, MO.,and all surrounding towns

Henry county MO. including- Clinton MO., Deepwater MO.,

    Urich MO., Montrose MO., including surrounding towns

Jackson county MO. including- Independence, MO.,

     Blue Springs, MO., Lee Summit MO., and surrounding


Vernon county MO. including- Nevada MO., and surrounding     



We guarantee high-quality construction for each an every project.

Chimney Cleaning in the Harrisonville, MO, and Overland Park, KS, Area

Family owned and operated, we provide exceptional Chimney Cleaning, Maintenance, Inspections, and Repair Services.

​  Q: How often should you have your Chimney Cleaned?

  A:​ ​Generally if you burn wood it is good to have your Chimney Cleaned 

       ​every 60 fires. Burning green wood and mild winters play a roll in

​       needing your Chimney Cleaned more often. You should have your

​       Chimney Inspected yearly. Having your Chimney Cleaned and

​       Inspected is very important to make sure you are free of blockage

​       and soot build up which can lead to flue fires and carbon monoxide

​       entering into your living area.




HomeSaver Pro & UltraPro are the best liners in the industry.

HomeSaver's patented construction is unsurpassed in flexibility and strength. This dependable, high-quality product comes with the best lifetime warranty in the industry.


Chimney Cleaning & Inspections

Chimney Repairs

Chimney Caps & Dampers

Chimney Crowns

Chimney Relining Stainless & Masonry

Wood & Pellet Stove Cleaning

Animal Removal

Water Sealing

​Wood burning Inserts


Parker's Chimney

Chimney that was cleaned in Harrisonville, MO

Standard Cleaning&Level 2 video Inspection$150 
each addition flue in the home is $100

Level 2 video inspection  $100

If your insert stove has to be removed for

Cleaning or Inspection there will be an additional $50 fee.

Estimate  Fees $75 
In some cases we will credit your estimate charge

towards your chimney repairs.

Water Seal Chimney Avg. cost $200

Chimney Caps  Avg. cost $150

Top Sealing Dampers Avg. cost $250

For your bigger Chimney Repairs such as Crown work,

Chimney Relines, custom Chimney Caps we will need to come out

and do a visual inspection.

*We do custom caps, our stainless and copper caps have a lifetime warranty